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Fun Chores version

The following video gives you a quick introduction to how the funchores service works: MP4 (4mb) | Windows Media (5mb)

I tried all sorts of chore chart systems with my kids over the years, but nothing really stuck. Either the kids got overwhelmed seeing all the work ahead of them, or the chart got out of date and forgotten.

FunChores.net simply records the work they actually did do so they can see over time who did what, who is slacking off, and then if you tie that to pocket money rewards they can see the current weekly or monthly totals at a glance.

Capitalism works! You will then find the kids become self motivated, even looking for chores to do so they can meet their monthly pocket money target. No more nagging, and no more complaining about how many times they have done a given chore before. Yay!

For added convenience there is a Windows Phone App that also provides an offline mode and there is a Windows 8 App that provides a nice clean metro UI with full admin features.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us by using this Web form.

I certainly hope this system helps you with your family chores!

Chris Lovett

Change History


Fixed some bugs with handling of international dates.